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An unofficial Sheila Majid fan club that meets every Sunday night at 10PM on Clubhouse.

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Once upon a time…

On March 26, 2021, in the midst of the pandemic. One of the co-founders of this fan club started playing songs from Sheila Majid in a random Clubhouse room. Immediately, many other fans flocked the room, and the unofficial fan club was formed right there and then.

We used to just call ourselves the Sheila Majid Fan Club. But on our club’s 2nd anniversary, Sheila herself lovingly called us “Planet Sheila Majid,” and we have been officially Planet Sheila Majid πŸͺ ever since!

Let’s hear from Sheila.

Sheila Majid talked about Planet Sheila Majid πŸͺ at a press conference in Singapore.

Thanks to a fellow big fan, Jamieson, for sharing the video.

From fans to friends.

We meet virtually every Sunday night at 10PM MYT on the social audio app called Clubhouse. The app provides us a virtual space to hangout together only using audio. You can be out and about or comforably tucked into your own bed, and you are still able to participate.

We usually play Sheila Majid’s music and chit chat with each other for two hours. If you’re a little shy, you can just listen in without having to speak. But when you’re comfortable, just join in the conversation. It’s a great way to connect and bond with other Sheila Majid fans from around the world. We have members joining us from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, Australia, UAE, United States, and more.

The added bonus to being a part of this fan club is that we have all turned into real-life friends. We have organized several in-person gatherings since the formation of the fan club, including attending Sheila’s concerts and performances as a group.

Photography Credit

This is one of many photos captured during the September Shares event in 2022.

Thanks to Jon Low, and for sharing your amazing talent and passion for photography and videography. The banner image of Sheila Majid really captured that day’s energy.

Come join us.

All you have to do is follow this link to set up your Clubhouse app and join us this Sunday!

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This is a one-way communication channel so that we can send you updates of any events or special announcements from the admins, therefore, you won't get a lot of messages. It's aslo completely private. None of your info is visible to anyone.Β 


Mailing List

On very very rare occasions where we will have member meetups or opportunities to attend Sheila Majid's performances as a group, we can get in touch with you outside of Clubhouse via email.

The founders of Planet Sheila Majid πŸͺ will not share your information with anyone outside of the co-founders John Ong, Gina, Joey, Desmond, and Galvin.