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Everything Sheila Majid ๐ŸŽถ
January 28, 2023

Adam on Tour ๐ŸŒˆโœจ


My All (Opening)

– The last track in Boneka; My All.. i read an article somewhere saying this song was included bagi memenuhi sebahagian impiannya untuk melahirkan sebuah album english yang belum disempurnakan lagi.

– If only they knew bout the existence of Love in Red. Actually there was an article during mid 2000s saying that Sheila was set to record an English album. I still remember that. But no update. Little did we know that it would ended up being a private project..

– In fact before Love in Red, she already recorded few English songs such as Sinaran, Antara Anyer Dan Jakarta, Hasrat Cinta, Tua Sebelum Waktunya & You Should Know By Now.. But yeah My All is her first original English song.


1. Kerinduan

– We’re gonna start with an Indopop genre. A masterpiece by Tohpati. One of her famous & evergreen songs in Indonesia.. such a sweet melody.. truly amazing.. i will never get bored of it.. This is Kerinduan



2. Patung

– I don’t know how to describe Patung as it’s not exactly an upbeat nor a mellow song.. but it’s quite unique especially the javanese influence. kudos to roslan aziz & mac chew.

– Roslan Aziz did create another unique production before Ratu and it won AIM awards too. The album in question is Gamal (1994) by Zainal Abidin.

– A perfection from the beginning until the end. Although I didn’t appreciate it back then as it was very sophisticated to my ears. Well it still is. I can listen to 1-2 times but that’s it!

– as Gamal is not exactly a sing-along kind of stuff or something you want to repeat over & over. It’s like an art in the museum..

– haha sorry tetiba terselit Zainal Abidin pulak. sebab rasa macam related dengan production unik lagu patung haha anyway Gamal is an Iban word that translates to Wajah / Rupa

3. Gemilang

– Dedicated to her fans.. this version of Gemilang is the greatest of them all. absolutely mesmerizing.. especially the saxophone bridge part. it’s truly divine. played by Richard Elliot, a jazz saxophonist.



4. Ratu

– Another magical & beautifully written song. ~ sopan berbicara.. gemalai gemersik.. sehening bayu.. pagi.. ~

– “Ayu” is not referring to a woman’s name.. but to one’s inner beauty.. Dalam kata lain, it’s actually “Cahaya”, “Seri”, “Sinar”… ~ Ayu.. yang terpancar di wajahmu.. sentosa selalu.. ~

– Ratu album won two AIM for Album Pop Terbaik & Persembahan Vokal Terbaik

– Nominated for Susunan Muzik Terbaik (Embun), Kulit Album Terbaik, Lagu Terbaik (Ratu) & Rakaman Album Terbaik

– A year before at the AIM 96, she was awarded Anugerah Kembara

– Ratu bukan sahaja dapat sambutan di Jepun, but had spread to UK as well. She staged out a concert in London’s West End on 26 March 1996. During that same year, She was invited to perform at Ronnie Scott’s, the jazz Mecca of the music world.

– Ratu on Tour was officially held in Msia on 13 September 1996. Those who didn’t know, both of her Msia & London shows inc the Ronnie Scott’s were aired on TV before. Saya tak tahu siapa yang pegang copyright for all of these but they need to release them again. No use keeping them berhabuk in the archives

– Ratu album had a UK special edition release (or so ive heard) but never actually seen it. Really curious on how it looks like. Does it really exist? If so, I would like to own a copy

– Tried to upload the MV on Youtube before but it was blocked by copyright haha. Available to watch on “25 Years” VCD too if you guys have it

5. Boneka

– A catchy & upbeat track. I love how she throws a french sentence in the song “je suis poupee” = aku boneka bonekaa muu โœจ production yang cukup kemas & solid. they used a real trumpet instead of programming.. in my opinion, this song doesn’t sound too generic & cheap.

– Sheila collaborated with a local make-up brand, Prettysuci for Boneka. They released a limited edition of lip creme. & also produced the MV for Boneka

– The album was set to have 5 songs only. after Tohpati came on board the project (who contributed almost all songs in the album), the production process made it easier & album was set to have 8 songs then akhirnya 10 lagu

– Was supposed to release during her 30th anniversary back in 2015 for her fans but she was stuck to complete the album akibat kekurangan material & cari lagu yang sesuai. And so, it took 3 years to complete.

– During the process of this album, she received over 100 songs but didn’t want to know the name of the composers sebab tak nak pilih kasih. In the end, she only interested with 4 songs that met her expectations. Even her own husband material was rejected as she felt it wasn’t fit / suitable for Boneka haha

– Sheila Majid bagi saya merupakan artis yang berkelas tinggi. Beliau sangat menitik beratkan kualiti dan juga lirik dalam sebuah lagu

6. Cinta Kita

– Severely underrated in Msia. Great songs. Poor marketing. Years later after the album release, some brand new copies were available during Speedy Video clearance sales as low as RM5. I have 4-5 copies of this album.

– Cinta Kita is a different approach. It’s girly, playful, pink & romantic. Indo pop influence is very strong because it was produced by Warner Indonesia.

– Album was released there first in 2003. Then a year later barulah Msia. Tracklist pun berbeza. Indo tak ada Begitulah Cinta. Replaced with Inikah Cinta.

– Cinta Kita MV is very fabulous. & gorgeous!! Featuring 22 Msian supermodels for fashion TV program How Do I Look? such as Natasha Hudson, Nasha Aziz, Fazura, Deanna Yusoff, etc

– (bonus) Joey u mentioned before that u never seen Sheila in curls during our Love in Red session? well for Cinta Kita MV, she had curly hair

7. Harum

– A very classy & elegant song.. the whole album is if im being honest here. the words are very poetic & sophisticated.

– kepada ratunya kembali pulang.. persembahkan madu yang mika temu..

– Only available on CD as a bonus track. Harum is not available on cassette format.

– janjimu pada alam tak ada pengganti.. adalah cuma sama dan kasih yang telah hilang..

8. Jatuh Cinta

– An absolute favorite. Very head bopping. Energetic.

– After Ku Mohon won big at the AIM 2000, Warner Music released a special edition of the Ku Mohon album with two bonus remixes of Jatuh Cinta.

– It has a bonus album postcard, new disc artwork & also a slipcover with AIM achievements on it. This specific edition was included on the box set (but without the postcard & slipcover)

– 1999 original album, 1999 limited editon, 2000 special edition, 2010 box set

9.ย Bersatu Hati

– Available on RAP 96. The last collaboration for the Roslan Aziz Production artists together in one album.

– A very relaxing & harmonious song. Their voices blended well. Liza & Azlina Aziz previously featured in Larut Malam sebagai suara latar.

– Perpisahan kita bukan selamanya.. Bersatu hati lagi.. menghidup kembali.. cinta indah.. yang kita bina.. ๐Ÿ’–

– Sheila did not just win awards for Ratu at the AIM 1997, but also for Bersatu Hati. It was truly a magnificent era.

– Won Persembahan Vokal Berkumpulan, Susunan Muzik (nominated together with Embun song), & Muzik Video Terbaik

– Nominated for Lagu Terbaik. RAP 96 didn’t win any awards as well. It was nominated for Album Pop Terbaik (lost to Ratu album) & Rakaman Album Terbaik

10.ย Tandanya Tanda Tanya

– Another bonus track for CD format. This song is not available on Cassette.

– Sheila recorded an English version titled Heart of Mine for her private project album, Love in Red (2006).

– Tandanya di jiwa.. yang suka dan yang luka.. bertikam.. bercanda.. jauhkan dirimu ๐Ÿ’–

11.ย Ku Mohon

– Truly a meaningful song that captured so many hearts. It doesn’t sound too religious yet the feel of divinity wisdom is totally there

– Sheila stated that this is her most favourite track.. why? because she wrote it haha for the first time ever.. and it paid off handsomely at the AIM 2000

– Taken from the 1999 limited edition booklet: “Saya rasa tidak wajar jika melodi ini akhirnya menjadi sebuah lagi lagu cinta” kata Sheila apabila mendengar salah satu ciptaan Mac. Alunan melodi yang begitu emotif perasaannya..

– Menyedari perasaan Sheila yang amat mendalam terhadap gubahannya itu, Mac mencadangkan agar Sheila sendiri menulis lirik untuk lagu tersebut. Hasilnya.. Ku Mohon

– Won Album Pop Terbaik, Susunan Muzik Terbaik, Kulit Album Terbaik & Lagu Terbaik (Ku Mohon)

– Nominated for Persembahan Vokal Terbaik & Album Tahunan Terbaik

Afgan covered this song in 2014 and it was a hit

12.ย Gangguan

– A hauntingly beautiful song.. full of poetic words that i don’t even understand haha

– “Awan hilang bulan dipandang, Kau pun tiba di jelingannya, Bila taman rimbun berseri, Mari kanda gemala hati”

– “Dia hilang di rundung malang, Dikau pulang lari darinya, Bila teman rindu bersemi, Hilang rasa menikam hati” what does it even mean?

13.ย Selamanya

Originally by Ruth Sahanaya (1989). Sheila recorded her version in 1993 for Gemilang album.

– Some bits from Sumiyo Uchiyama photoshoot session are available to watch on Selamanya MV

– I prefer this one than the original. Sheila made it more soothing and lovely.. A timeless indeed..

– For beginners & casual fans.. Gemilang album is a must have (as well as 15th anniversary compilation). Lagi bagus kalau manage dapat sekali Indonesian edition. Both are different & a masterpiece of its own.

14.ย Hadirmu

– Another beautiful & finest production from Ratu. “Kau pelita hatiku.. menerangi setiap sudut sanubariku..”

Agatha Suci (Indo singer) covered this song in 2021

15.ย Kau

– Another masterpiece by Tohpati. Unfortunately this album was poorly received here. Even my friend didn’t like it especially how the album production & arrangements were headed. and I took that personally ๐Ÿ˜ค HAHAHAHA kidding ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

16.ย Mengapa Kasih

– How could you not love this song??

Anita Mui covered this song in Cantonese for her 1997 album. Even tho she never performed it live, I’m thankful that she shot a music video for it. Unfortunately this song of hers is severely underrated.

– In 2006, Sheila recorded English version of this song titled Ready to Smile for Love in Red album.

17.ย Ku Nanti

– Another creation by Tohpati in my setlist. Easy listening, catchy chorus & simply the best ballad on Boneka album. She should perform this song in her upcoming concert.

18.ย Kita Bersama

– I’m choosing this gorgeous heavenly delicate piece as the finale of my concert. It’s my number one favorite song from Ratu.

– Released as a single in 1996. The only publicly marketed CD single of Sheila that was not meant as a promo copy for the DJs. During that time, Warner was dabbling into releasing singles for some of their artistes but generally, the Malaysia public didn’t respond due to the price but i think collector fans will possibly like it.

– Composed by the late Adnan Abu Hassan. No wonder it’s so beautiful. The legend who was responsible in shaping Siti Nurhaliza & Fauziah Latiff stardom to the max โœจ

– Written by Habsah Hassan. Another legend in the industry. She was the one who wrote Legenda you know. Previously worked with the late Sudirman, Francissca Peter, Siti Nurhaliza, Fauziah Latiff, Zaiton Sameon, Jamal Abdillah, Aishah, etc

– I love the last part where the background music slows down & it almost like an acapella.. “Syukur di akhirnya.. Dengan izin Maha Esa.. Kita Bersama..”

– It’s the perfect wedding song. Better than Aku Cinta Padamu me thinks. They should somehow request Kita Bersama more. I don’t like how underrated it is now & almost like a forgotten track compared to the latter.

(bonus from my friend)

Masa tu Warner berjinak-jinak dengan CD Single. Tapi diorang over estimate kemampuan peminat tempatan. Most fans found 2-3 songs for RM20 a premium. I ever saw a small, mom-and-pop shop in Melaka during the 90s selling a cd single of Sheila Majid, 2-track.. but both are album tracks.. with the price RM20 back then, it wasn’t money for me to spend, for no unique tracks..

D’Legenda (Closing)

(Akhir Kata)

– That’s the end of my tour. What do you guys think? I promised to present a very relaxing & elegant evening session.. Did I somehow exceed your expectations? ๐ŸŒˆโœจ

September Shares 2022

After 1.5 years of weekly virtual gatherings on Clubhouse, we finally met for the first time in person in Kuala Lumpur. Not only did we get to meet everyone in person, Dato’ Sheila Majid herself was also there with us alongside ย Dato’ Acis, Jenny Chin & Mac Chew.

Jon Low captured some amazing video of the once-in-a-lifetime event.