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Apple Music playlists from our weekly
Everything Sheila Majid 🎶 room on Clubhouse.

This Week’s Playlist

Special Thanks

On September 4, 2021, several months after we started playing music from Sheila Majid on Clubhouse every weekend, Zulhardy asked if we have our playlists to share.

And since then, we have been keeping track of all the music we played through our music playlists.

Go play the playlists and support all the musicians!

Thanks Zulhardy for the inspiration.

Thanks to our member, Adam Luhrmann, for the cover image of this page.

Adam is not only a wealth of knowledge to our fan club, he is also an avid and prolific collector of Sheila Majid’s albums. He is no doubt the most qualified to provide us with this cover image.


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