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A Night of Nostalgia and Disco

by | Jun 15, 2024 | 4 comments

Diskoria and Sheila Majid at Zepp KL

Planet Sheila Majid fans, Galvin, Victor and Joey

I said it before — this will not be your average concert, and it isn’t!

I recently attended “A Time Travel: Diskoria featuring Sheila Majid” at Zepp KL with two fellow Planet Sheila Majid fans and now friends, Victor and Joey, and what an unforgettable experience it was! For a few magical hours, we were teleported back to the vibrant 70s and 80s, a time when music had a special kind of magic.

The night reached its peak when our beloved Sheila Majid appeared on stage. The crowd erupted in cheers as she began with “Warna,” a song that immediately brought back a flood of memories. Her performance of “Dia” was just as mesmerising, followed by the soulful “Antara Anyer dan Jakarta.” For the grand finale, she delivered a breathtaking rendition of “Sinaran,” leaving everyone in awe.

Sheila performing ‘Warna’ and got the crowd excited!

Adding to the excitement, Sheila also performed a cover of “Badai Telah Berlalu” from Diskoria’s 2023 singles. This modern twist was a hit with the audience, showcasing how Diskoria’s unique style revitalises classic tunes. It was evident that their collaboration breathed new life into Sheila’s beloved hits.

DJ Duo Diskoria and Sheila waving good bye to fans.

For the entire 120 minutes, I felt young again, swept up in the infectious energy of Diskoria’s disco-themed concert. Their ability to blend nostalgic elements with contemporary beats is truly remarkable. The concert was a vibrant celebration of music, and I found myself totally immersed in every moment.

Amazing atmosphere at Zepp KL during A Time Travel: Diskoria featuring Sheila Majid

Diskoria’s performance was nothing short of amazing. I’m fast becoming a fan of Diskoria, and for those who haven’t seen them live, you should definitely do so someday. This dynamic duo is set to redefine how we experience classic hits, one beat at a time.


  1. Izan

    Untungnya u guys yg dpat tengok the show, Galvn💃🫶🏻happy for all🎊

    • Galvin Tan

      Memang untung! And good to feel young once again!

  2. izzey

    it sounds like a good show. my loss i would loved it.
    glad u guys to disko together!

  3. Gina

    Great write up once again Galvin 👍🏼 Now we just hope Sheila will have this kind of vibe at her 40th Anniversary concert 💃🏻🕺🏻


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