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Pakcik pakai t-shirt Sheila Majid

Pakcik pakai t-shirt Sheila Majid

It was the Hari Raya week and already Friday. Needed to go to the mosque for my Friday prayers. Left the office and drove to the mosque. When I got there, it was pouring.After the wuduk ritual and all that, I proceeded to the main hall to perform my prayers. As I was...

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Sheila Majid @ Tower Records Singapore

It was one of my trips to Tower Records, just a normal trip not anticipating in any new album release. Had a little browse, digging and putting on the puffy headphones to sample some CDs. The whole space can be quite intimidating, but it’s my paradise even if I’m not...

Prestige Magazine Cover Story April 2024

The Beat Goes On with Sheila Majid and Kayda Aziz READ STORY Check out more photos and read the cover story on Prestige Malaysia Online. Did you know that this shoot did not happen in a photo studio, but in a dentist office, Klinik Pergigian Kheng. Photo source:...

Sheila Majid

Sharing some treasures here. Semoga membawa kebahagiaan buat semua peminat Sheila Majid. Salah satu gambar adalah sebuah gambar berharga dan kenangan terindah saya sendiri bersama Sheila Majid pada bulan Oktober 2002 di Kota Kinabalu Sabah bertempat di Sutera Harbour...