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Cinta Jangan Kau Pergi (Indonesia, 1996)

by | May 5, 2024 | 0 comments

Cinta Jangan Kau Pergi is often dubbed as the “Indonesian edition of Ratu” (at least for me) as the album in said didn’t make its way there. Fortunately for the fans in Indonesia, this album is quite special as it was exclusively released there. It contains a brand new song (the title track) as well as half of the songs from “Ratu (1996)” & also the Japanese exclusive, “Wanita (1995)”.

~ Tracklist ~

  • Cinta Jangan Kau Pergi
  • Nada
  • Wanita
  • Embun
  • Kasih
  • Dia
  • Bahagia
  • Mengapa Kasih
  • Kita Bersama
  • Ratu
  • Di Sisi Daku
  • Hadirmu
  • Harum
  • Tandanya Tanda Tanya

In Malaysia, the song Cinta Jangan Kau Pergi was officially released in 1997 on a various artists compilation, Cinta Abadi.

Watch the official music video here :

Alternate version (karaoke mode is on 🎤🎶) :

Trivia ✨ :

  • The full album was released for the first time in Malaysia back in 2011. Unfortunately, a glitch is present 🥲 The song “Harum” is repeated TWICE!! making “Hadirmu” is omitted from the tracklist.


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